Dance Classes for All Ages

Beginner – Advanced Levels in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Tumbling, Hip Hop & Pointe


Roseland students experience superior dance training in a fun & friendly atmosphere where students WIN from WITHIN.

Studying Ballet is an investment in the dancer’s body.  The benefits will be seen throughout their life and is needed to succeed in dance.  We have incorporated ballet in all our programs.

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Dance Classes available for

AGES 2-7 Year Olds

Dance with Me 12-20 Months (30 min)
This program is designed for your 12-20 month old.  Your Little One will dance, play, jump and move to the music with the use of fun and creative props.  Child must be accompanied by an adult.

Sing and Dance Along Class 20-36 Months (30 min ) 
This program is designed for your 20-36 month old. Your Little One will experience fun and expressive movements that will increase their rhythm, coordination and movement to music.

Pre-School I Class  3 Year Olds (45 min ) 
This class is designed for 3 year olds. Using many fun methods, that will keep the interest of your Little One, we introduce Ballet, Tap, Hip Hop and creative movement to enhance coordination and motor skills.

Pre-School 2 Class – 4 Year Olds (60 min)
This class is designed for 4 year olds. We have mastered teaching our Little Ones the basics in Ballet and Tap. This class has been proven to be lots of fun and gives our students a solid foundation in dance.

Dance One Class 5 Year Olds (60 min)  
This is a great combination class for our Kindergarten students. We incorporate Tap to teach our students timing, Ballet to begin to strengthen the dancer’s body, and Hip Hop to just have some simple fun with dance.

Dance Two Class 6 Year Olds (60 min) 
A great combination of Ballet barre and basics, Tap rhythms and timing, Hip Hop fun moves, and Jazz steps will be taught in this class.

Dance Three Class 7 Year Olds (2 hour) 
This class offers the best dance styles we believe a 7 year old should have. Tap is incorporated to enforce good timing, Ballet to continually enforce good posture and strength, and Jazz so the dancer can learn to perform Broadway style moves to popular upbeat music.

Jam Class for 5,6,& 7 Year Olds (1 hour)  
Jam class will build strength, flexibility, and balance while learning skills so students can work towards performing tumbling tricks. Hip Hop will also be taught in Jam class to learn fun moves to todays music.

Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Pointe & Hip Hop / Ages 8 Year Olds & Older

Roseland offers BEGINNER-ADVANCED levels in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Pointe, Hip Hop, and Tumbling.

7 Years Old and Older (1 hour) $50 monthly (or $30 Monthly One-Time Offer for Beginner Class when taking another class)
Tap is a classic dance that has held the test of time. Children as well as adults enjoy the different rhythms they can master with their feet

Classical ballet methods are mastered in our ballet classes. Barre work, floor exercise and combinations pave the way in our classes for strong technique that is seen in our dancers and will carry out into the lives of those who study in these classes. Ballet emphasizes good posture and confidence and is needed to develop any form of dance.

We teach Jazz dancing from classic Bob Fosse styles, to theater dance to contemporary street Jazz. Our students enjoy the different styles that our instructors bring to them in their classes as well as our end of year recital.

Pointe Dancing is a goal of many of Ballet students. We offer several levels of pointe to experienced ballet students.

This popular dance style is a fusion of Jazz and Ballet. The goal of this style is for the dancer to convey intense emotional expression of a song’s lyrics.

Hip Hop
We offer Hip Hop in combination classes for our younger students and full hour classes for our older students. Hip Hop is a great way to express yourself to today’s music.

Your tumbler will learn strengthening and stretching exercises so your child can work towards performing tumbling tricks in a fun & safe environment