Finding a dance school is easy but finding one with an amazing staff is key. My daughter Mataya was 2 when she started with Ms Nicole. The patience, love and passion that she has given Mataya has turned her love of dance into a skill. After 4 years we are all like family as opposed to an unrecognizable face.

:) lori storc

I am so happy I decided to put my granddaughter in dance class at Roseland, the instructors that dance with her are so sweet and my granddaughter Riley adjusted so well, loves coming there and looks forward to Saturday's.

Gloria Chirico

My daughter has been dancing at Roseland since she was 3 years old and absolutely loves it there. Each and every teacher she has had is amazing and great with the kids. She has learned quite a lot over the years and we love the family and close-knit atmosphere there

Jill Amato

Jill Amato We love Roseland because the students are encouraged to be their best and to love dancing. Students are embraced regardless of their ability level and allowed to experience the joy of dance without the fear of not measuring up. My daughter loves dancing at Roseland! Thanks,

Mara Jean Wilson

I signed my granddaughter up for dance class, at Roseland, when she was 3 -- she is now 5 1/2 (and she won't let me forget that half). I chose Roseland because first, I was able to sit in one a class before enrolling her and saw how it was run. Second, I chose Roseland because the teachers are wonderful with the students --- they teach them not only about/how to dance, but to also to love dance --- they do not simply pressure the children to perform as happens in some other schools. Third, was the cost factor: the young children are not forced to wear expensive dance clothes at class, but can wear a tee shirt and leggings/tights, and tutu if they want (and the girls will). Another factor with cost is Roseland has a ballet/tap shoe exchange --- where you can bring in outgrown shoes and check the box to see if there are shoes that will fit. Since little girls and boys (yes there are some) outgrow shoes very quickly, this is a wonderful help. Also, while there is a recital at the end of the school year, parents are not spending a fortune on, and racing all over the Island for competitions. All of these reasons contributed to my choosing Roseland (which my granddaughter loves), but the most important factor is Ms. Krista and her staff -- they are wonderful and the kids love them.

Gail Ruber, Grandmother

Roseland School of Dance is an amazing dance studio that my children have been attending for the last 7 years. Ms. Krista and her staff are a wonderful group of people who really take time to know all the dancers and their families. The teachers are knowledgeable of many dance genres and teach with enthusiasm and grace.

Rachel Montalvo

Six years ago, my daughter entered the Roseland Oakdale dance studio. She felt welcomed from the beginning and it still holds strong today. You can see the abundance of enthusiasm and patience radiating from the teachers. My daughter is always engaged and encouraged to do her best. The positive energy from Roseland is so catchy that even I decided to put on my dancing shoes and enrolled in the adult tap class! Thank you so much, Roseland, for making my daughter's childhood memories something that she will always cherish.

Stephanie (Ava Eller's mother)

This will be my daughter Summer’s 4th year at Roseland. She enjoys her dance classes and loves, loves, loves Ms. Teresa. She plays school with her grandfather and one of his classes is dance. Thank you Ms. Krista and staff for your commitment to your students.

Renee Caporale

What Roseland means to our family. Roseland is Our second home and family. The teachers at Roseland are truly one of a kind. The dedication, guidance, love and support they give my children is truly priceless. My girls have been dancing with Roseland for 7 years now and have grown in more ways than just mastering the art of dance. They have created true friendships and have learned how to be supportive and also help guide younger girls as their teachers have done with them. It's a true gift to be part of Roseland School of Dance.

The Dooley Family

Dear Miss Rose and staff, I just wanted to take some time to tell you how much my daughter, Sierra loves Roseland! Sierra has been dancing for 7 years. This is her 8th year however, this is her first year with Roseland! She loves it! Her transition to a new dance school has been great! She was welcomed with open arms and tells me all the time how much she loves coming to dance. Thank you to you and your wonderful dance teachers! As well as your front desk staff for welcoming her and always answering any questions I may have had! Your team is really fantastic! Keep up the great work!! All the best,

Melissa (Proud Dance Mom)

I would never want to go anywhere else with my beautiful dancer. We were in another school before, but switching to Roseland was the best decision. The costumes are age appropriate as is the music. The teachers are impossible not to love!!

Kerri B

My daughter loves it. She's 20 months old, and daily wants to put her "ball yay" (ballet) clothes on and go to the Roseland.

Eric S

My two daughters LOVE this dance school. Miss Krista and her dance instructors are fantastic.

Christine Marie

Love, love love Roseland dance in oakdale. Both daughters love to dance, love ms krista, ms Teresa, all the teachers and support staff. It is our second home.

Jason S

Danielle C

I've been taking my daughter Ella to Roseland for a short time (about 3 months) but I would never turn back. They are AMAZING! Ella is not even 2 yet and she knows exactly which day dance is and it's all because of her amazing teachers! She loves going every week and dancing her butt off. I highly recommend Roseland Dance to anyone and everyone!
Roseland Oakdale is by far the best dancing school on the south shore of Suffolk County. The staff is amazing and makes every student and family feel like their own family. Krista, the owner, is very accessible and accomodating to any persons needs or concerns. The teachers are phenomenal and are more than 'teachers' they are role models to the students. Each year the recital amazes the audience and it leaves us awestruck how professional it is. I have been part of the Roseland family for 7 years and my children have loved every minute of it! I would highly recommend it to any family looking for a dance studio. My daughter has been dancing at Roseland for 7 years now. She also student teaches. There are classes for all, from little ones up to adults. Roseland is not just a dance studio, it's a family. From Rose, Michelle, Nicole, Erica, Lisa, Jaquie, and all the teachers, the student teachers and the students you are welcomed from the very first class. There's no better dance studio for all ages.

Marybeth P